Software for the Epson HX 20

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Tape Personal Entertainment Software by Epson
Tape Personal Productivity Software by Epson
TF-20 Copy Utility
Epson Calc as a ROM for the H20RC

A few of my own creations
(or: "how to discover my Epson")

Battery RunDown (measure time until battery runs out)
List all of HX-20's BASIC tokens
user-defined CharSet (how to define your own charset)

Software Sources as of 1984, the original file iswas here.
Oh, and a whole bunch of hx20 info can still be found at the FTP server of Epson America in the hxpxqx directory.
No, not anymore. The FTP server is gone...

The software presented here is outdated and is being presented only for documentary purposes.

I take no responsibility for the correctness and/or functionality of the programs and/or links on these pages. If you own a copyright on one or more of these programs and want me to remove them please notify me at bahamas(at)gestalter(dot)at and I will do so as soon as possible.

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