Epson HX-20


Extensions (which I have):
H20EU - RAM/ROM expansion
RF-10 - RAM-floppy and RAM-expansion by CSM GmbH (including the Mini-Boot EPROMs and the manual)
   This HX-20 was assembled by Homeier Elektronik an once served inside a plane of the German Bundeswehr.
another (NoName?) RAM-expansion
H00BR - Bar Code Wand (including software tape and manual)
another Bar Code Wand by IDIL®
H20RC II - ROM Cartridge II with a ROM containing the programs STAX and XFUN
   The programs are copy protected so I´ve got to re-engineer them...
EVA (Epson Video Adapter) by KK-Systems (including manual)
Micro Terminal (case opened, PCB) by Mirwald Electronic (including manual)
RealVoice module by ACS with male voice (including "Electronic Panel for scanning, joystick, and Morse code" and scanning overlay)
RealVoice module by ACS with male voice (including manual)
RealVoice module by ACS with female voice (including "Electronic Panel for light pointer, scanning, joystick, and Morse code")
TF-20 Terminal Floppy (including disk basic manual and disks)
CX-20 Acoustic Coupler
(I would like to have a) H00DC display adapter
   Wait! I´ve discovered one of them owned by a guy named Martin AND he was so nice to take some pictures of it...

A few links:
Frigolit´s HXEmu
Pictures of the keyboard
Some (german) background on the EVA (Epson Video Adapter)
The HX-20 on Fred Jan Kraan´s Oh no, not another computer museum!
The TF-20 on F.J. Kraan´s Oh no, not another computer museum!
Courtney McFarren´s page on the HX-20
Hinkel Elektronik has new "old" EPROMs (27C64 and 27C128)
Replacement for the TF-20´s CX-065B (from Sony):
- the M51725L (from Mitsibishi): not available
- the NTE1300 (from NTE), available from Mouser Electronics
A few notes:
on a MC-60 tape the maximum TAPCNT is around 6000 (5927 in one case, 5953 in a second one)
SkiWriter produces tape files named DOCUMENT.WP1 of type "1 A"

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